Time Signature: 3.4

Key of Tune: D

Tune Type: Waltz

Number of Bars: 32


AKA: Svensk Annas vals

From the Session
“Some people might recognise this tune as being very similar to an old time American waltz – the Peek-a-boo Waltz.The “Peek-a-boo” is attributed to William J Scanlan (1856-1898), an Irish American from Springfield MA. Scanlan was a composer and “theatrical” person and originally presented the tune as the melody to a song (in mixed metre) for his stage drama “Friend and Foe” in 1881. Two years after that, his publishers printed an arrangement (by L A Benjamin) of his song melody as part of a waltz medley entitled “Peek-a-boo Waltz”.
Svensk Anna Olsdotter (1892-1973) of Svenskgården (“The Swedish Farm”), by Boda village in Dalarna, played the cittra (chord zither) and apparently was quite a character. The tune, however, came to Boda from Anna’s mother (possibly an “Anna” too), who heard it played by a brass band in a seaside town in northern Sweden, where she was working as a “domestic”. “

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Collector(s): Rob Willis Collection, NLA

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