The Spanish Cavalier


Time Signature: 4.4

Key of Tune: G

Tune Type: Barn Dance

Number of Bars: 16


Song published in 1881
Notes: A Barn dance from the original sheet music. This tune was used for the parody “Where’s Your License” by Bendigo’s ‘Colonial Minstrel’ Charles Thatcher, Circa 1855.
The composer, Hendrickson was from San Francisco. As a young man he joined the U.S. Navy. When his ship was laid up for some time in Panama, he deserted. There he enlisted in the Panama Army as a drummer boy. Eventually he worked his way back to SF where he was arrested for desertion. An old sweetheart (Miss Jessie Raymond?) was the daughter of a member of Congress. She arranged to get him out of trouble. After his release he recalled two airs which he had heard while in the Panama Army. The first is a schottische and serves as a long introduction. The second he put lyrics to in order to honor the young lady why had helped him out. Folks used to have fun singing this and the song Solomon Levi at the same time. They have the same chord progression.

Engraved by:

Transcribed/Arranged by:

Composer: William D Hendrickson


Collector(s): Peter Ellis

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