The Onboard Waltz


Time Signature: 3.4

Key of Tune: D

Tune Type: Waltz

Number of Bars: 48


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History: The Brown Boys were decendants of Aboriginals who lived on Cape Barron Island. This tune was routinely played by them ‘onboard’ ships that visited the Island.

Also see for version of tune collected from Eileen McCoy & the Dawsons, Tasmania.öran_Svenning_and_David_Hellström
David Hellström was a Swedish composer from the province of Bohuslän. He often worked with lyricist Göran Svenning. In 1907 the two men submitted Kostervalsen in a Bohuslän contest for the province’s best new melody. Their entry was disqualified when the jury ruled it was “too suggestive”. Despite the setback, the partnership endured and produced many memorable songs. In 1962 David Hellström was awarded the Fred Winter prize for his contributions to Swedish music.

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Composer: David Hellström, Sweden, 1883 - 1965



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