The Old Arrow Inn


Time Signature: 6.8

Key of Tune: D

Tune Type: Jig

Number of Bars: 64


Notes: It is two separate tunes.The 3rd & 4th lines are “The Native” from the original Lancers music. It occurs as part of a medley on the Collins recordings. The naming of the tune is a bit of a mystery. Meredith knew/called it The Arrow Inn. Chris Sullivan thinks the Inn in question was called the ‘Broad Arrow Inn’. The Inn is on local maps of the time as the Harrow Inn. The ruins of the Inn are still there, over the road from the Towrang Stockade.
Info from Alan Musgrove, Feb 2013
History: This tune came via the Wollongong Folk Club

Engraved by:

Transcribed/Arranged by: Ray Mulligan



Collector(s): John Meredith Collection - NLA

Source Information :

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