The Mountain Belle Scottische


Time Signature: 4.4

Key of Tune: D

Tune Type: Schottische

Number of Bars: 16

History: This tune was collected from a number of informants in Australia.
Alan Scott collected it from Sally Sloane and again from Mr MacMillan.
Alan Musgrove collected a version from Lola Wright and another from Frank Forde.
Peter Ellis collected it from Maurie Gervasoni as the Gervasoni Schottische No 2 and also from Harry McQueen as “White Pipe Clay is the Best Pipe Clay”

Engraved by:

Transcribed/Arranged by: Alan Musgrove

Composer: Charles Kinkel, US, 1832 - 1872

Informant(s): Lola Wright, Maroundah, NSW

Collector(s): Alan Musgrove

Source Information :

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