Teddy Crayton’s Step Dance


Time Signature: 2.4

Key of Tune: D

Tune Type: Stepdance

Number of Bars: 32


Notes: Recorded 25th May 1982, Crookwell, NSW
History: This is a version of Fisher’s Hornpipe, a traditional tune dating from around 1770. Fisher’s Hornpipe was one of the really popular hornpipes and was well known in Canada and Australia. My understanding is that Ted (a shearer?) was a step-dancer and not a musician. He always requested that Stan play for him when he danced rather than other fiddler/musicians because Stan had such good ‘timing’ as a player. The version in Meredith’s 2nd volume (Item 68 p.73) was put together from bits and pieces that Stan was remembering at the time and this is probably the reason it is such an inferior version, at least he didn’t play it like that for me. – Dave De Hugard

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Collector(s): Dave De Hugard

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