Slow Six Eight – Father’s Waltz


Time Signature: 6.8

Key of Tune: G

Tune Type: Waltz

Number of Bars: 48


From: Mike Martin, Collected Tunes from Joe Yates, Pub by Mike Martin, 1999, p20, ISBN 0-646-36894-X
Notes: Joe Yates was variously collected by John Meredith, Chris Sullivan,Mark Rummery and Mike Martin and others. Mike Martin prepared and printed a book of his versions of the Yates’ tunes in 1999: “Collected Tunes From Joe Yates”. Joe generally did not have any names for these tunes and those in Martin’s book were assigned by Martin.

Engraved by:

Transcribed/Arranged by:



Collector(s): John Meredith, Chris Sullivan, Mark Rummery and Mike Martin

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