Time Signature: 3.4

Key of Tune: G

Tune Type: Waltz

Number of Bars: 64


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“Slievenamon” (also called “Slieve Na Mban” or “Sliabh Na Mban”) is a Traditional Irish ballad which is known as the anthem of Ireland’s County Tipperary. Written by Charles J. Kickham in the mid-1800s, the song takes its name from a famous mountain in South Tipperary, near the town of Clonmel. “Slievenamon” is Tipperary’s most popular old song, and according to one Tipperary hurling fan, is sung proudly at every hurling and football match the local teams ever play.

Engraved by:

Transcribed/Arranged by:

Composer: Charles J Kickham, Ireland



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