Ma Seal’s Mazurka


Time Signature: 3.4

Key of Tune: D

Tune Type: Waltz

Number of Bars: 32


Notes: This is another version of Ma Seal’s Polka MazurkaIt is actually called “Waltz Mazurka” as it is tune specific for a danceby that name. Connie Whitwell, Ma’s friend, was there as well as Ma’sdaughter Mary, and between the latter two, I was able to reconstruct thedance. Ma was grumpy as usual, singing out, “doesn’t the music tell youwhat to do?” I was getting the blame, but daughter Mary was putting in areverse Viennese Waltz which obviously was wrong according to Ma. Weactually filmed it in Bendigo with this Viennese Waltz and sent it overfor Ma’s scrutiny. Connie worked it out, also saying they thought we’dconfused it with the Varsovianna in the second section. We reworked itdeleted the Viennese Waltz and altered the Varsovianna turn and stop to amore subtle Hesitation Waltz waltz stop while bringing the other foot upto the ankle instead of stopping on the floor. This seemed to meet with approval. So the first 16 bars is straight Circular Waltz, the second section whichis strongly marked with some Varsoviana part B emphasis, consists of 2mazurkas forward, polka step half turn (as in Varso), then a naturalwaltz turn one way, bringing the foot up to the other ankle, then repeatedreverse direction. This part B section of 8 bars is then repeated mirrorimage or reverse pattern to the previous. Then back to Circular Waltz etc.Merro remembered Ma waltzing round and round while playing the tune on anearlier visit, but by the time of my visit she was 90 and not dancing. NB. Ma’s grumpiness which Merro didn’t seem to pick up on. We’d beenrecording her for some time when she said “what about you playing a tuneMr Meredith, who’s the mug around here!” Also on our return, she didn’twant to see us, sitting in a rocking chair with an Afghan crochured rugover her knees, pretending to be a disinterested old lady. Once we gotthe tunes going, it was a very different story, and she’d look me in theeye at the end of each piece.Peter Ellis, April 2013

Engraved by:

Transcribed/Arranged by: Greg O'Leary



Collector(s): John Meredith Collection - NLA

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