National Folk Festival Sound-files 2024

Pride of Erin – Comeback to Erin
Pride of Erin – The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door
Pride of Erin – Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Pride of Erin – McNamara’s Band
Black Hawk Waltz
Second attempt for Sunday
Evening Three Step – Quarter Master Store
Evening Three Step- When I’m Sixty Four
Charmaine – Swanee River
Charmaine – Kaiser Bill’s Batman
Charmaine – Side by Side
St Bernard Waltz – Snow in Summer
St Bernard Waltz – If Those Lips Could Only Speak
St Bernard Waltz – The Snow Waltz
Barn Dance – Click Goes The Shears
Barn Dance – Ollie Watt’s Schottische
Keep The Home Fires Burning
Gypsy Tap – Dear Old Donegal
Gypsy Tap – Mademoiselle from Armentieres
Gypsy Tap – John Brown’s Body
Maxina – Maxina (first part)
Maxina – Alley Cat Maxina
Maxina – Old Black Joe
Swing Waltz – The Oslo Waltz/Kristina Waltz (part)
Swing Waltz – Gay Charmer’s Swing Waltz
Swing Waltz – Slievenamon
Fox Trot – Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Fox Trot [ Monte Carlo]
Fox Trot [ Monte Carlo] Prt 2
Fox Trot [ Monte Carlo] Prt 3
Fox Trot [ Monte Carlo] Prt 4
Fox Trot [ Monte Carlo] Prt 5
Fox Trot [ Monte Carlo] Prt 6
Fox Trot [ Monte Carlo] – Red Wings
Modern Waltz – Tennessee Waltz
Modern Waltz – I’ll Hold You in My Arms
Modern Waltz – Let the Rest of The World Go By
Canadian Three Step – I Want A Girl
Canadian Three Step – Lonely Little Petunia
Canadian Three Step – Hello Hello Who’s Your Lady Friend
Parma Waltz – Rose of Allendale
Parma Waltz – Oh Oh Antonio
Parma Waltz – Good Old Summer Time
Gay Gordons – Scotland the Brave
Gay Gordons – Stop Your Tickling Jock
Gay Gordons – Barren Rocks of Aden
Military Two Step – Sleepy Joe

Circle Waltz